About us

U N C International Co.,Ltd. promises world's best competitive products
by providing optimized products and solutions required
by the global dental market

Company name U N C International Co.,Ltd
President Jung Hyung-Ho, Han Hee-Jun
Date for establishment 18 Jun, 2013
Major products Zirconia block for dental
Major equipment CIP(Cold isotatic Pressing), Press, Sintering furnace, CNC
Address HQ - 9F, 5th Ace-Technotower, Digital-ro31gil 20, Seoul, Korea
Factory - 1F, 2F, Hankook Trans Bldg, Digital-ro27gil 13, Seoul, Korea

Founding & Leap

신규제품 출시
기술 개발

Growth & Stability

전국 지사망 확대
해외시장 진출
시장 1위 달성

Vision 2018

신규사업 확장 점유율,
글로벌 시장 확보
신성장 동력 마련
Product development business
Support development of products
      based on technology development
      personnel, development equipment,
      and advanced technology
Multifaceted approach through
      abundant industrial, academic
      and laboratory cooperation networks
Faster and more reliable products
Launch new product market ahead
      of other companies based on
       abundant human resources
Technical support business
Investment in overseas
      factories, technical support,
       factory design, personnel training, etc.
Patent application of national
      technology development support project
Product sales business
Domestic and overseas
       sales of dental materials with
       excellent quality and handling
Manufactured products
       - Razor Zirconia Block, Shade liquid
Distribution product
       - CAD/CAM Machine, Intra Oral Scanner, etc.


2019 - Now

2019.05EVEREST Multilayer AT / PT Shade Guide to be launched

2019.03Launched EVEREST Multilayer AT / PT

2019.03Launched Equipment&Tools lineup and Start sale service

2019.02Began exporting to the Middle East Asia market

2019.01Launched EVEREST Engine 5-axis milling machine


2018.12Maintain domestic sales of zirconia in 2018

2018.12Launched EVEREST MO A2 (Monolithic Block)

2018.12Established Youngnam, Honam Branch

2018.11Completed EVEREST Multilayer AT / PT clinical test and development

2018.11Expanded office and open hands-on seminar room

2018.10Hosted a coloring seminar based on the clinical case of Seoul National University Dental Hospital

2018.08Complete of facility investment to launch 4layer Multiblock

2018.05Launch of RAZOR Coloring Liquid Natural, Effect

2018.05U.S.A FDA license in progress (RAZOR, EVEREST, Coloring liquid)

2018.04Transfer to production facility large-scale facility


2017.12Zirconia sales topped the list in Korea in 2017

2017.09Signed OEM contract with Neo Biotech Co., Ltd. and Caredent Korea Co., Ltd.

2017.06Launched Razor 800 (high transparency zirconia block for anterior teeth)

2017.05Completed development of Razor Plus, a 100% tosho raw material

2017.03Began exporting to North America.


2016.11Development and launch of Razor 1100

2016.06Changed into a juristic person U&C international Supply contract with 3M Corp.

2016.05Founded the U&T Global. (Marketing and Sales for Dental goods)

2016.01Export and Manufacturing contract with CHINA

2015 - 2014

2015.03      Export contract with RUSSIA and MEXICO

2014.08      Development and launch of ZirMic 1, ZirMic2

2014.05      Development and launch of I-JAM Sapphire, Ruby, Opal, New ruby

2013 - 2004

2013.11Certificated KGMP Registered U&C Int. R&D center (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

2013.10Licensed manufacturing medical instrument

2013.08Registered Venture Company

2013.06Founded the U&C (KICET)


  • Venture company

  • Medical manufacturer

  • KGMP

  • National research

  • Patent

  • Patent


More than 100 local sales partner


3M Korea

U&T Inc.

Idenss Inc.

Cera Core Inc.